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"One State. Many worlds"

Take a deep breath ! Yes, it is sandalwood, you are in Karnataka! where green is not just a color, it is a feeling, where granite is not just a dead stone, it is history, it is an enchanting land abounding in beauty, rich in flora and fauna. This is the way Karnataka state is identified when tourist arrive via Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Goa borders

“One State. Many worlds”, goes the slogan currently peddling Karnataka’s tourism wonders to the world. It is not kidding, its offerings makes this statement true, this state is full of natural varieties, viz., national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, reserve forests, hill stations, trekkers paradise, pristine beaches, mountains, cultural monuments at Belur, read more

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Karnataka Fact Sheet

Capital : Bangalore
Districts : 30
Languages : Kannada , Tulu, Konkani, Kodava, Hindi,
English is widely spoken
Religions : Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Jainism
Currency : Indian Rupee
Area : 1, 97,791 sq km
Population : 50,852,560( according to 2011 census)
Time : GMT + 5:30 read more

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